Debit card fraud protection tips for safe transactions


Debit card fraud protection tips: Using of Debit card is necessary for us. Every person in the world use a debit card; using a debit card is part of our life. According to RBI; More than 958.2 million users of Debit card and more than 44.2 million users of a credit card in Indi a. It’s perfect for us to use a Debit card. But if not used your Debit card carefully, then all the money of your bank account can be stolen. So if you want to protect your money, keep your Debit card safe. In this article, I am going to tell you Debit card fraud protection tips or how to protect your debit card from offline and online fraud.

Debit card fraud protection

Types of debit card frauds


Skimming means stealing your debit card’s information. How does this happen??
Hacker puts a fake Skimmer device on the ATM or POS machine swiping spot. After use, your card on that ATM or POS machine your debit card information gets copied on fake Skimmer device.


Phishing means that they will take the information about your debit card with any excuse. like–

  • They will call you as a bank employee and ask your Debit card information.
  • They will install remote desktop apps on your mobile. Then they will see your OTP for the online transaction.
  • They will give you a discount offer of a product and ask us to make a payment online.

Debit card fraud protection tips

Our hard-earned money stays in our bank account, so it is essential to secure a linked debit card from your bank account. Because nowadays, debit card fraud has increased a lot, people are victims of online and offline debit card fraud, so it is very important to keep your debit card safe. If you take slight negligence, then your hard-earned money can be stolen. So let us know how to avoid debit card fraud.

5 Way to Prevent Debit Card Fraud

Always Use ATM Machine At Near your bank branch

You use the same ATM, which is close to the bank branch; it decreases the risk of the Skimmer device being attached to that ATM — avoid using of outside area ATM.

After Use Turn off (Temporary block) Your Debit

In India, all the bank providing Debit Card temporary block facility. After using the debit card, temporary block your debit card.

Protect Your PIN

Don’t share your personal identification number (PIN) to anyone who asks and And never write a PIN in your debit card or Wallet or any other place.

Avoiding Debit card using at POS Machine

Always use a Credit card or Prepaid card, at a Petrol pump or store or any pos machine. Because the POS machine also has the risk of being a skimmer and when you insert your pin, then store camera will record all your activity and your pin.

Avoiding Debit Card Use Online

Don’t use your Debit card for the online transaction because of debit card directly from your bank account.

Always use a credit card because credit card billing takes time to place. If you have any problems regarding this, you have time to complain to your Credit card provider. Alternatively, you can use a mobile wallet or UPI for the online transaction.

Avoid using of Debit card to e-commerce site that doesn’t have SSL (https://), https is an indication of a higher level of security. And always use a top-level e-commerce website.


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